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"Effort, Innovation, Precision"

  Molding BU was formed in 2012, as an extension to IP BU, focusing on footwear development and production. Started off with sandals, slippers and outdoor casual wears, we have now expanded into lady shoes, infant shoes and snow boots. We have our own lab and testing equipment as well.
  We continuously enhances our own value via sharing of resources, creating synergy via resource integration. We also continuously researches various methods to increase productivity and quality, and meet stringent quality requirements.
  New technologies and ideas are constantly being adopted at the management and technical level. Talents are brought in to complement and optimize production, while integrating cutting, stitching and lasting, thus reducing waste and improving quality.
  We sought to seek a balance between service and product quality, along with corporate growth. We also employs precision in 3 key areas:
•Business: Design and development for OEM and ODM, thus enhancing product enrichment;
•Development: Assist clients in footwear development, meeting functional requirements of products in the market;
•Technology: Provide technical support for a smoother manufacturing, optimizing commercialization process. Aiming for glory with lower cost, efficiency, quality and first-rate service.

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